Relieving Pre and Post-Operative Pain

Many patients suffer from pain while waiting for a much-needed operation such as a hip or knee replacement. Keeping pain to a minimum is extremely important pre surgery, in order to maintain physical wellbeing and increase the likelihood of a successful post-operative outcome. This is often achieved by treating patients with pain releasing analgesics, and steroids which will help prevent inflammation. However, continued use of these types of medication can cause side effects such as stomach irritation. In order to alleviate pain there are a number of other safe and effective pain management treatments to try. Working with a physical therapist can also help with joint and muscular injuries, while avoiding excessive physical activity is recommended.

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Coping with Pain after Injury

Sustaining an injury, whether it's whiplash from a car crash, sport related or otherwise, can cause those affected to suffer from chronic pain for some time afterwards. In fact it's possible to suffer from what is known as CPS (chronic pain syndrome) a condition which is difficult to treat via traditional pain management programs and one which may require a combination of treatments and medications. Depending on the extent and severity of the pain, people affected may not only suffer physical symptoms - but severe financial and emotional implications both for themselves and loved ones.

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