How to use Handy Cure

Operating Instructions

Place the device over the palm of your hand (photo 2) and press the Start/Stop button to power the device. will run a self-test* (3 lights will blink).When 2 lights will turn green is ready for use.

Press the Mode button to select treatment program.

Press the Start/Stop button to begin treatment. The treatment light will begin to blink. Hold the device over the area being treated for the duration of the treatment.

In conclusion of the treatment, the treatment light will stop blinking and a short beep will be heard. Press the Start/Stop button to repeat the treatment It is possible to stop a treatment at any time by pressing the Start/Stop button Turn off by pressing on the Start/Stop button for 3 seconds.

*Important: is programmed to run a self-test every 24 hours.

When you do not turn on the device over the palm of your hand, the device beeps and 4 lights begin to blink. Please turn off the device and power it again over the palm of your hand.




Guidance for treatment with Handycures'

The user can choose between 3 programs which have been pre-set to treat different pain conditions. A program is selected by pushing the mode button.

Each program uses different pulse frequencies, as displayed in the table below. Pulse frequencies variations alter the laser light’s depth of penetration.


Method of treatment

  • The treatment series spans across 3 weeks (21 days).
  • During the first week, treatment needs to proceed with the variable program.
        The treatment will continue with the 5Hz/50Hz program.
  • For chronic pains, it is recommended to perform the treatment twice a day during the first week of     treatment.
  • Pain relief is experienced after two weeks. In severe cases, more treatment may be needed for pain relief.
  • After completing a treatment series (21 days), another series can be taken following a 3-day break.
  • Treatment can be terminated as soon as you experience relief. Even so, it is recommended to complete
        a full series.

    Treatment Area

    Where possible, treatment should be provided over bare skin. During treatment, the device should be held in a hovering state over the area where the pain is felt. If the treatment area is wider, the device should be moved (scanned) around the treatment area.

    If required, treatment can be provided over clothing or over wound dressing.

  • Arthritis, ligament or tendon injury, cartilage abrasion – treatment in the pain area as indicated in the table.
  • For chronic pains, including; muscle, tendon pain and other injuries not mentioned in the above table, we recommend performing 2 treatment sessions with the Variable program for two weeks or until you experience relief.

    Safety Precautions

    We strongly recommend you use the device in strict compliance with the safety pre-cautions and operating instructions in this manual.

    Handycures' should be maintained and serviced by Medical Quant Limited personnel or other qualified personnel approved in writing by Medical Quant Limited. Please review the manual before initial use. It is important to keep this manual handy.

  • Direct or reflected laser radiation should be prevented from direct eye contact.
  • Pregnant women should not apply the device in the vicinity of the womb.
  • Do not use in the vicinity of a pacemaker.
  • Treatment is not recommended in cancer cases o Use protective eyewear for treatment on face or eyes.
  • The lens screwed onto the device is an integral part of the device. Do not remove the lens, but for
        cleaning purpose only.
  • During treatment, the lens must be screwed in its place onto the device.
  • Keep the away from children.
  • Children under the age of 18 years should be treated under the supervision of an adult.

    Care and Cleaning

  • It is possible to clean the with a moistened cloth.
  • Lens that has been removed for cleaning purpose, must be screwed back to it’s place immediately
        after cleaning.
  • Do not expose to extreme temperatures, humidity or direct sunlight.
  • Storage Environment: -20OC to 50OC.


    Possible cause
    Battery light is red
    Handycures' rechargeable battery has run out of power
    Connect Handycures' to the electricity until the battery light turns green Handycures' may be operated while recharging
    All 3 program lights are showing
    Wrong mode of device operation Power the device as specified in(operating instructions)
    Technical fault Contact the dealer

    Note: When in operation, only the red light is visible to the eye. If no red light lights on, contact the dealer.

    Technical Information